Whoops…haven’t been here in a bit…

Lot’s has happened…

The school year ended on a good note, everyone was happy and healthy and got promoted to the next grade. Twins went on to do some summer programs at school, the little one attended this science camp at the UofA for a couple of weeks – all three had a good time.

For the girls’ birthday we went with Roy and Lori to Parker Canyon Lake for the weekend – what a blast! I’d never been on a kayak – Roy has 2 and borrowed three more so at one point or another everyone got on the lake in a kayak. Got to do some fishing, but didn’t catch anything. We all had a great time! Roy and I went out again with Lex the weekend after the 4th for a guy’s weekend – had a great time then too. 🙂

The wife and I celebrated another anniversary last Thursday, 23-JUL-2015 – 21 years! We tried to explain to our girls that we have something special – we’re not perfect, but we make it work. I don’t know what I would have done without her 🙂 We didn’t do anything special but our girls surprised us – a candle-lit spaghetti dinner for two and a cake (for all five of us, apparently). It was a special night.

I’ve fixed the AC on the Jeep, worked on a 90-degree angle plate, started on projects: small manual rotary table, pantograph, and a CNC router/engraver.

More updates coming – I promise! 🙂