Et tu, TTC magazine?

So, I’ve been looking for a source of magazines for my CZ-52 pistol. Back when I had more money and the magazines were more available I didn’t buy any more – just the one extra one I found one time at a gun show. Now that I’m trying to get properly equipped, they’re few and far between. And expensive.

On SARCO’s website I saw a TTC magazine that is 7.62×25 and supposed to be an 8 round magazine. The Russian/Eastern Bloc TT-33 uses a magazine that is very similar to the CZ. Unfortunately, it wasn’t similar enough. I’ll attach pictures of the TTC magazine vs the CZ magazine later to illustrate the difference. What to do?

I continued to do some research on magazines and it looks like I need Yugoslavian M57 9-round magazines. The reason these are a better candidates is that it appears that it is/was common for M57 owners to use CZ magazines as spare magazines with the minor modification of adding a cut for the magazine catch. That by itself answers the question of which one to try next. Good thing they’re cheap. 😉

I will have to get the magazine bottom plate, the extended ones that I have on the CZ magazines. Might try to make some if I can figure out where to get a cutter that can make the slots for the magazine bottom.