Arizona vs fUCLA

Well, they did it.  They went to the Rose Bowl and beat the Bruins, 31-10.  Unfortunately, it was the same Bruins that lost, I mean, choked, last week against BYU by a score of 59-0.  Tuitama still can’t scramble.  Back in the lineup was Rob Gronkowski and he made his return a big one with his two touchdown catches.  Mike Thomas is outstanding.  It was a grind-it-out kind of game that showed Arizona could get it done even if they weren’t playing their best.  They get a bye next week and then Washington.  I’m hoping they step it up a notch and are fully prepared for Locker and the Huskies.

Acosta Camping Trip 2007


You’ll find information on the camping trip, including who’s going, who’s taking what, and printable maps and a ‘checklist’

OK, here’s the list of people I think are going. Please email ( ) if I missed someone.

EZ and Julian / Thursday @7:00AM by way of Payson

Gracie / Friday @ 3:00pm

Domingo / Thursday by 10:00 (but probably not til later) by way of Camp Verde

Elia / Friday with Vicki

Martin (and familia) / Friday

Sunny & Elsa / Thursday @ 2:00pm

Virginia ( Sofia , Isabel and Marisol ) with Ariana / Friday about 5:00pm

Elvira / Friday

Julio & family / Friday, after work, with Vicki

Here’s a couple of maps to show the different routes to take up there. I’ll be dropping off printed/copied items at Acosta central on Thursday on my way up.

Here is the checklist in Adobe Acrobat PDF format: (I need to find it and upload it)

The different routes to Clints Well

The different routes to Clints Well

And here’s a closeup from Clint Wells to the campsite.

First day of school, 2007

Kindergarten, Jefferson Park, 2007

The day we thought would never come. They’re not our little babies anymore!

Sofia is in one classroom with her cousin Ben and Isabel is in the other. I’m not too happy that they got split up, but hey, what can you do? Evil TUSD and Teachers Union conspiracy, I say…

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia's desk

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia’s desk