The RAID in my server decided to lose a drive. Do you know how hard it is to find cheap 1TB SAS drives? Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do to get my important files off the server and on to backup. Now I have to accelerate my plans for another home-built solution. Just crossing my fingers and hoping I can pull data off that volume.


Cats stomped on the trees and win the PAC-12 Regular Season Championship! Their 12th outright Regular Season Championship! Now we need to carry the momentum to Oregon and OSU and into the tournament.

I’ve been busy in the shop this past week – I made a cart for my MIG welder. Finally, after about a decade!

I’ve started work on a mini ‘table’ for my old Duracraft belt/disc sander I got off Craigslist a couple of years ago. I didn’t think to ask the old guy I bought it off of if it had the table and now when I need it when I work on my molds there’s nothing there. Stay tuned!

I thought I’d fixed the pedal on the bike of my youngest but yeah, no. JB Weld doesn’t have the strength to keep a pedal from pulling out of the crank. I tried something I’ve never seen done – I pinned it. I put some more JB Kwik on the pedal shaft and let it set then I drilled down the crank from the end and then drifted a pin down through the pedal into the crank. So far, so good – it lasted the day today. Fingers crossed!

I’ve picked up some 10-32 allen head screws and some angle aluminum so I can start mounting the DRO on the X2 mini-mill. Details forthcoming.

Got the Kindle Fire repair kit from eBay, need to work on it so my youngest will get off my back. 😉

Who’d a thunk it?

Did you know that J-B Weld Kwik can be used to fix a bicycle pedal? It’s true!

My youngest has a inexpensive bike from Walmart with a solid crank. Not a knock against it – it works well for her. The problem is that she somehow managed to literally wear the threads out of the pedal hole, along with most of the threads off the actual pedal. 8-O. My dilema – hunting down a replacement crank or drilling out the pedal socket and threading it or pinning the pedal. I decided on a third option – I pulled out the secret weapon of enlightened men everywhere – J-B Weld, more specifically, the Kwik. I mixed up a batch and set it up. Wow! It filled the voids of the missing threads and when it was done setting up it was on there good. My girl got on the bike and took off. Another job done!

Oh, another thing I fixed this weekend – the dishwasher. The upper tray has these axles that clip on to the tray and has rollers that fit into the stainless slides. We’d gone for years with one broken, then another broke last week and when it dropped down we lost a few glass cups. Something had to be done. In just a few days we had a pack of four. In a few minutes (after I figured out how to take off the ends of the slides) the job was done. Kind of embarrassing it took me so long to take care of it. Oh well.