Acosta Camping Trip 2007


You’ll find information on the camping trip, including who’s going, who’s taking what, and printable maps and a ‘checklist’

OK, here’s the list of people I think are going. Please email ( ) if I missed someone.

EZ and Julian / Thursday @7:00AM by way of Payson

Gracie / Friday @ 3:00pm

Domingo / Thursday by 10:00 (but probably not til later) by way of Camp Verde

Elia / Friday with Vicki

Martin (and familia) / Friday

Sunny & Elsa / Thursday @ 2:00pm

Virginia ( Sofia , Isabel and Marisol ) with Ariana / Friday about 5:00pm

Elvira / Friday

Julio & family / Friday, after work, with Vicki

Here’s a couple of maps to show the different routes to take up there. I’ll be dropping off printed/copied items at Acosta central on Thursday on my way up.

Here is the checklist in Adobe Acrobat PDF format: (I need to find it and upload it)

The different routes to Clints Well

The different routes to Clints Well

And here’s a closeup from Clint Wells to the campsite.