The man who wants to be king…

Another week, another assault on the Constitution. Just another week in the life of a supposed Constitutional scholar. (We wouldn’t know since we’ve never seen his papers, due to them being locked up.)

As Rahm-bo “dead-fish” Emmanuel has said in the past – never let a tragedy go to waste. What’s happening now is a typical left-wing swing in to action and misdirected sentiment. Rather than focus on bringing the country back the administration put on a dog and pony show and throwing out some more executive orders while at the same time trying to encourage the Congress to once again attack 2nd Amendment.

We’ve gone over four years and still no budget. Record unemployment. Stagnant economy. No one respects the United States because of our feckless president. What drives this administration is ideology – a far left socialist ideology that is akin to the European socialist system. This administration wants to break down the citizenry, to make the people lose their belief in American exceptionalism. The further the American people move away from independence and self-reliance the closer they move to dependance on the government – which is exactly what this administration wants.