Game Day!

So, today is Game Day! My youngest will have her first softball game this evening at 6pm – I’m scared and happy at the same time! I am so looking forward to it!

My car passed emissions yesterday with flying colors! All thanks to the hard work from Roy at Swedish Connection. Go check out that page for more information if you’re interested.

The twins will start their volleyball season this week as well. It’s official, the madness has begun!

So, what the heck have I been up to?

Wow! Over a year of no updates!

I’m still working at the same place – although that’s getting old and the subject of another post.

The kids are busy with school and now with sports. I don’t think we’ll have free time until then end of June.

I had the 262C running fine but something happened to the engine, it just wouldn’t start and stay running. I tried everything short of re-flashing the firmware on the MegaSquirt but it looks like I lost one or two cylinders. The wife and I started doing some thinking and after doing a cost-benefit we decided that the best solution at this time is to let the Bertone go. It helped that I got a bonus for some work I had done back in Deceber 2014 – it paid for the car.

I’m moving forward with metal work – welding/fabricating/casting – I think its fascinating. I’m also getting the reloading hobby off the ground as well.

More coming soon. I need a place to put eveything I’m up to, forgot that I had a web page! LOL.

What a weekend!

We were supposed to go up to Guadalupe Friday night, but the wife unit got out of work late and was really cranky so we delayed it until the following morning. Like a dolt though, I couldn’t sleep and didn’t get to sleep until 12:30PM! Doh!

We got up a 6:15AM and were actually on the road by 7:15AM. I was duly impressed. Got to Glendale by 9:15AM – doesn’t get any better than that – we parked right up next to the entrance we were so early! No parking fee but that was made up when we paid for the entrance – $16 each for me and Vicki, kids get in free for another year and a half. Well Done

We ended up splitting up inside, with the kids orbiting us, moving between us. Vicki is on the hunt for a 1911, we need to save up money for her. I had a list of stuff, but what I really wanted, the reloading stuff, wasn’t there. I ended up getting some AK parts (recoil springs, disconnector springs, one hammer spring,), and a 25rnd 10/22 magazine. Sofia found a new dog leash for Jack – its pretty nice. Vicki got another 12-pack of mini crossbow bolts,  medical kit bag we need to fill, and a pair of personal stun guns she wants to give to my sisters. Didn’t find a whole lot else, so our next stop was Randall’s,  a firearms place in Glendale.

Randall’s – really nice guys, know their stuff, and were polite to my little girl (Sofia went in with me). What’s not to like? I got the powder I wanted (AA-7) and large rifle primers, right off the shelf. Cheaper than on-line and NO hazmat fee. I WILL go back.

We had heard about the prepper and military surplus in Mesa on Main Street, so we decided we’d go look. Nothing. Nada. I’ll have to look up on the web, we were so sure that at the one AZ prepper’s convention that we’d seen lots of cards with Main Street addresses. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

On the way back we stopped by the Native New Yorker on Broadway in Tempe, saw the first half of the Arizona vs Cal game. Towards the end of the 1st half the game was interrupted with ‘pay your bill’ message so we could only hear it. We left. At least on the radio in the Jeep and at the in-laws the game wasn’t interrupted. We relaxed there for the rest of the day, Vicki too her mom to the store, but that’s about it. We got up this morning and had breakfast before loading up and coming home. It was nice to sleep in!

I FINALLY fixed Marisol’s little storage box for her Monster High dolls. She’s never bugged me, just patiently waited. I love that kid. Anyway, now I can move on to my other projects without feeling guilty.Uncertain

To end the day, we broke out the hand-held crossbows. What a riot! They are so much fun! Even the girls loved playing with them – we WILL be doing this more often. As competitive as they are, this should get good!