December! (or damn, been a while…)

Had to post something since it had been a while. 🙁

So, what’s happened since the last post…?

Arizona lost homecoming to Washington State and then turned around and pounded Oregon, beating the ducks 42 to 16. How did they celebrate that? By getting killed by ASU, 58 to 21. Well, based on their number of wins the Cats get to go to a bowl and this year its the AdvoCare V100 Bowl in Shreveport, La., 31-DEC, at 10:30AM MST.

Arizona played UNLV Saturday, 7-DEC, and won. Given that Michigan State, previous #1, lost, Arizona should be ranked #1 come Monday!

Went to the Small Arms Review gun show at the state fairgrounds in Phoenix. Wow! 😮 Every building was PACKED!. I took one of my girls with me – even tired her out. 🙂 I will go every year if this is how it is. Absolutely fantastic. I got alot of stuff I needed/wanted, like reloading stuff, still need 6.5 projectiles, but I’ll work on that. I’ll also be starting to look for lead and the alloying metals to harden it – I want to start casting my own bullets. But seriously, got some brass, bullets, some push daggers for the wife and my sisters, a .308 die set (needs the shell holder but that’s cheap), and a load carrying vest. All that and most of the day spent with my little girl.

Finished the tongs for my foundry project, need to get some time at home now to do some melting! We’ll be going to Phoenix for my buddy Roy’s mountain bike race Saturday, 14-DEC, should have Sunday available to start melting!

Arizona vs Iowa

Just for grins I decided to blog the 2nd half.  We’ll see if I do it again…


Late note:  Washington beats U$C, 16-13

Parity in the PAC-10.  It’s a wonderful thing.


Ok, after game assessment:

  • Arizona’s defense is pretty good and will keep them in games.
  • If only Arizona’s offense could move the ball and score in the the red zone.
  • Mike Stoops has given Matt Scott  three games and he has not produced.  It’s time to give Nick Foles the reins to the first string offense.

Iowa, played a good game and give them their due, they won.  If Arizona’s offense had been operational the end would have been different.  Unfortunately, ‘if’ doesn’t win the game.


UA: Nick Foles in the shotgun, dropped by Grigsby.  End of the game.

IA: Arizona tries a onsides kick but IA recovers it on the Arizona 40.  I’m done.    3rd and 8 with 1:28 left.  That’s it.  7 seconds left in the game.  2 seconds left after Wegher run.  Arizona gets the ball.

UA: Antolin gets back to the 37 after the return.  Foles is still in as QB.  Incomplete pass on 1st down.  Wright catches the ball gain of 3.  Grigsby makes it to the 45.  1st down on the IA 48.  Incomplete pass on 1st down.  Loss on 2nd down on batted pass that Diaz caught instead of dropping.  3rd and 17.  Time out.  Got 16 on the play on Turner catch.  Antolin runs down to the 5 on 4th.  1st and goal.  Arizona needs to score.  Delay of game.  Nice.  Criner makes a touch catch in the end and Zedejas makes the extra point.  What does this prove:  Foles can move the ball, Scott can not.  You can not depend on a running quarterback.

IA: Robinson picks up 9 yards on 1st down.  Robinson gets the 1st down.  5 yards gained on 1st down.  Robinson dropped after 1, he limps off the field.  3rd down.  Time called by IA.  After the time out…  Stanzi throws for a 1st down to the 46.  IA is playing ball control now.  Wegher runs for 2 on 1st down.  Chaney dropped after 1 yard, bringing up 3rd again.  Chaney catches the ball for a 1st down.  Time is running out on Arizona.  Wegher gains 9 on 1st down.  Arizona’s defense is tired out and Iowa is doing whatever it want.  WTF happened on that spot?  Homer refs give them a 1st.  Wegher down after gaining 6 on 1st.  No gain on 2nd down.  3rd down.  Again.  First down at the 2. Can’t blame it on the defense at this point – Stoops was too stubborn and stuck with Scott too long.  Blame it on him.  IA scores and makes the extra point, 27 -10.

UA: Antolin returns the kick off to their own 29.  Nick Foles is out at quarterback.  Overthrows Dean on 1st down.  First down out to the 43, catch by Douglass.  Grigsby tripped down at the 45.  Pass batted down on 2nd down.  Incomplete on 3rd down.  It might be too late for Foles to be effective, should have put him in at the start of the half.  IA will take over on the 26.

IA:  6 yards gained on 1st down, then the end of the 3rd quarter. 3rd down nets incomplete pass.  Radio announcers say that Nick Foles is warming up. IA gets a field goal.

UA: Scott scrambles for 4.  Scott is intercepted and returned to the UA 29.  Thanks Scott.  At some point Stoops needs to pull him.  Really.

IA: On 3rd down IA converts and makes it the UA 12.  On 3rd down again, they can’t convert they go for a field goal.  They make the field goal and will now kick again.  Thanks to the defense for holding IA to just 3. UA start on their 19.

UA: Scott again. Scott overthrows Dean.  Again. 2nd & 10.  Scott misses Douglass.  Again.  3rd down: Sacked.  Loss of 8.  Scott is rattled and needs to be pulled.  IA take over on UA 48.  Thanks Scott.

IA: Run for no gain. Stanzi sacked for a loss of 3. Pass incomplete.  UA take over at their own 34.

UA: Grigsby horse tackled after 3.  Grigsby pulled down on a facemask, 15 yards.  Scott misses a read, AGAIN, ball dropped.  Scott goes deep and under throws it causing Dean to drop the ball – officially reviewed and confirmed a drop.  Scott waits and waits and waits and eats another one.  IA take over at the 16.

IA: UA defense stops them at their 38.  Punt is a touchback and UA will start on their 20.

UA – First possession after half-time: Three and out, Scott unable to make reads.  Good punt.  IA starts on their 20.

Start of the second half

UA – 10, IA 14


Ok, halftime.  My assessment:

  • First and foremost: where’s the fire?  The Stoops brothers seem to have been unable to motivate the team for their return to their alma mater.  At half-time Mike Stoops is going to have to fire them up one way or another.
  • Matt Scott is a un-reliable passer. No other way to say it.  Basically, with him in the backfield we have an extra running back that MIGHT throw a short pass that MIGHT make it to the receiver.
  • The offense can’t protect well enough against the Iowa defense.  This compounds the problem of  our unable-to-pass quarterback because it doesn’t give him enough time to make accurate reads.  So, instead of trying to pass, bobo the quarterback tries to run.  THEN, they’re trying to run up the middle, which has proven to be ineffective.  The offensive line needs to step up and Scott needs to make reads and make passes.  That or replace him with Nick Foles, who CAN make reads and passes.
  • Our defensive play calling is, how shall I say, suspect?  That and they’re back to missing tackles.  One interception by Trevin Wade and extra point is the only thing that’s keeping this game close, since the offense could only muster a field goal.  Quote from Mark Stoops:  “We were our own worst enemies…We’ve got to improve our focus and tackling…” Let’s hope someone steps up.

We’ll see if anything changes after half-time, I’ll update after the game.