Been busy…

So, two major news items. Well, for me at least.

I’ve been updating the page theme and I think it’s improving – already looks tons better. 🙂 The layout and colors are improving dramatically. I picked the Leniy Radius theme as the starting point and have been adjusting the background, colors, and some of the design cues – such as some rounded corners on the content posts and removing the Chinese characters. Not because they detracted from the theme, but because I don’t speak the language :-P. I’ll keep editing it as I go along, I want to change the header – it’s boring, and I want to change the categories and pages so they show images and color.

One of my buddies from work gave me a Raspberry Pi – he wasn’t planning on using it any time soon and he knew I’d been looking for one. Awesome! I had to buy a new SD HC card reader/write because mine was so OLD but they’re cheap, $10 at Best Buy. I threw the NOOB image on it (New Out Of Box) and booted it up. So far I’ve got OpenELEC running on it, but I need to get the codec’s licensed to view everything. I did load the XBMC Android remote app on my G4 – cool little thing! There will be more later.