Game Day!

So, today is Game Day! My youngest will have her first softball game this evening at 6pm – I’m scared and happy at the same time! I am so looking forward to it!

My car passed emissions yesterday with flying colors! All thanks to the hard work from Roy at Swedish Connection. Go check out that page for more information if you’re interested.

The twins will start their volleyball season this week as well. It’s official, the madness has begun!


Cats stomped on the trees and win the PAC-12 Regular Season Championship! Their 12th outright Regular Season Championship! Now we need to carry the momentum to Oregon and OSU and into the tournament.

I’ve been busy in the shop this past week – I made a cart for my MIG welder. Finally, after about a decade!

I’ve started work on a mini ‘table’ for my old Duracraft belt/disc sander I got off Craigslist a couple of years ago. I didn’t think to ask the old guy I bought it off of if it had the table and now when I need it when I work on my molds there’s nothing there. Stay tuned!

I thought I’d fixed the pedal on the bike of my youngest but yeah, no. JB Weld doesn’t have the strength to keep a pedal from pulling out of the crank. I tried something I’ve never seen done – I pinned it. I put some more JB Kwik on the pedal shaft and let it set then I drilled down the crank from the end and then drifted a pin down through the pedal into the crank. So far, so good – it lasted the day today. Fingers crossed!

I’ve picked up some 10-32 allen head screws and some angle aluminum so I can start mounting the DRO on the X2 mini-mill. Details forthcoming.

Got the Kindle Fire repair kit from eBay, need to work on it so my youngest will get off my back. 😉

15-JAN-09 Update

Ok, so I haven’t updated in a while.

Christmas.  What do you say about the holiday?  This day is made for children and this year was no exception.  Marisol had lost her ‘Bowie’ stuffed kitten – actually the character ‘Marie’ from the Disney cartoon ‘Aristocats’.  We found one on eBay, but didn’t notice that it was the larger one.  As far as Marisol knew, Bowie came home a little bigger.  She screamed when she opened the present.  Isabel had been asking for a scooter and Vicki found one at Target, a red one.  She’s an outside girl and it made her happy.  Sofia, being the girlie-girl that she is wanted and got a Barbie house.  (There were other gifts, but these stand out most for me.)

The other thing that makes Christmas special is all the family.  Sure we have our issues from time to time, but we’ll always be family.  Tamales, ham, snacks, drinks.  Music.  It’s all good.

Oh, Santa Ana got da Mama a new television.  She needed one.  The nice thing with the new Samsung’s is that they include digital TV receivers so she won’t need a separate receiver.  Ana also picked up a nice antenna, so da Mama now has stations that she didn’t know existed. 😀

New Years was nice, all football, all the time!  Again, family time.  Drinks, food, snacks, the usual.  What more can you say?

Marisol just had her 5th birthday (5-JAN-09).  She had cupcakes, which was important for her, some small gifts, and just had an all around good time.  My gift was some one-on-one time with her, I took her to McDonalds so she could play in their play center.  She wore a tiara.  She kept the tiara on when I took her to go pick up the twins at school.

Vicki had her birthday the next day (6-JAN-09).  We were kind of worn out, so we didn’t do anything that day.  We ended up going to Red Lobster on the Thursday before my birthday, which was Friday (9-JAN-09).

That’s enough for now. 🙄