Busy Weekend!

Started Friday night – the battery in my 262c died. 🙁 Amazing what a new battery will do for a car, though. The battery must have been dying for a while because the car runs better – smoother almost, starts faster, and idles better. Lesson learned.

My Mom’s DSL connection was dog slow. Come to find out that her speeds had been dropped down by Qwest or whatever they call themselves now. There may be a bad line from the pole to her house though – the neighbor’s tree is pulling the line down.

I made progress on my seat adapters for the 262c so I can put BMW seats into it. I ran out of 1 1/4 flat 1/8th strap, so I’ll have to get that to finish. I’ll put up pictures when I’m done.

Another thing I did was do a quick garage alignment on the 262c. When I installed the new-to-me rack it moved the steering wheel so it pointed to the right. A couple quick turns and it was pointed back straight. I still have to adjust it back a tiny bit, it’s pointed to the left now just enough to be annoying but not enough to be obvious. That and it has a teensy weensy pull to the right. Before I learned how to make these adjustments I would have spent the $70 to get it aligned but not any more. A quick session in the garage and I took care of alot of ills.

On other fronts: the Arizona Wildcats are in the Sweet 16 again! Wins over Belmont and Harvard have put them in a contest with Ohio State. It’ll be a tough game but should be a good contest.

Marana Unified’s spring break is over, the kids went back to school today. They weren’t too excited, to say the least.

That’s enough news, more stuff later!

First day of school, 2007

Kindergarten, Jefferson Park, 2007

The day we thought would never come. They’re not our little babies anymore!

Sofia is in one classroom with her cousin Ben and Isabel is in the other. I’m not too happy that they got split up, but hey, what can you do? Evil TUSD and Teachers Union conspiracy, I say…

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia's desk

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia’s desk