Game Day!

So, today is Game Day! My youngest will have her first softball game this evening at 6pm – I’m scared and happy at the same time! I am so looking forward to it!

My car passed emissions yesterday with flying colors! All thanks to the hard work from Roy at Swedish Connection. Go check out that page for more information if you’re interested.

The twins will start their volleyball season this week as well. It’s official, the madness has begun!

First day of school, 2007

Kindergarten, Jefferson Park, 2007

The day we thought would never come. They’re not our little babies anymore!

Sofia is in one classroom with her cousin Ben and Isabel is in the other. I’m not too happy that they got split up, but hey, what can you do? Evil TUSD and Teachers Union conspiracy, I say…

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia's desk

Sofi and Isabel at Sofia’s desk