Whoops…haven’t been here in a bit…

Lot’s has happened…

The school year ended on a good note, everyone was happy and healthy and got promoted to the next grade. Twins went on to do some summer programs at school, the little one attended this science camp at the UofA for a couple of weeks – all three had a good time.

For the girls’ birthday we went with Roy and Lori to Parker Canyon Lake for the weekend – what a blast! I’d never been on a kayak – Roy has 2 and borrowed three more so at one point or another everyone got on the lake in a kayak. Got to do some fishing, but didn’t catch anything. We all had a great time! Roy and I went out again with Lex the weekend after the 4th for a guy’s weekend – had a great time then too. 🙂

The wife and I celebrated another anniversary last Thursday, 23-JUL-2015 – 21 years! We tried to explain to our girls that we have something special – we’re not perfect, but we make it work. I don’t know what I would have done without her 🙂 We didn’t do anything special but our girls surprised us – a candle-lit spaghetti dinner for two and a cake (for all five of us, apparently). It was a special night.

I’ve fixed the AC on the Jeep, worked on a 90-degree angle plate, started on projects: small manual rotary table, pantograph, and a CNC router/engraver.

More updates coming – I promise! 🙂

Weekly Update for 26-APR-2015

So, I needed to update the front page with something, since it’s been a couple of weeks. Where to start…

Last weekend, 17-APR, we had a busy day. Marisol had a game at 11:00am, but I digress.

I first went to the big salvage yard by the TEP plant for some parts for the car. I got a used passenger seat, a glove box, a door lock actuator, a gravel shield, passenger side back door trim, dome lamp, assorted screws, and some 960 power window switches. I got out of the yard about 11:00 and went to the ball park behind the Jewish Community Center on River to go watch Marisol’s softball game. They lost, but it was a nice afternoon – it was actually very nice in the shade. Afterwards, we all went home and took naps :).

We’d promised the critters that we’d take them to the county fair because we’d missed the Renaissance Faire and then Spring Fling. The wife and I didn’t ride a single ride but we had the best time watching the kids run from ride to ride. What an awesome time! Vicki got onion rings (THE BEST!) and I got fried pickle chips! My day was perfect! 🙂

On Sunday, the 18th I rebuilt the driver seat in the 240 with the used seat I got – had a great time because my Isabel was helping me – the first time I remember in a long time that she and I spent such a long time bonding and just having a good time.

Just this past Friday the 24th I attended Sofia’s induction into the National Junior Honor Society – how awesome is that! I didn’t even attain that honor. I am SO proud of her. At the same time we were at the ceremony Vicki and Mari were at one of her softball games, getting slaughtered. Apparently a team that has won like 12 consecutive titles. It makes you wonder if all the kids on that team come from the same area of town, i.e., can legally be on the team. Long story short – after the game was over and the ceremony closed down, we met up at Peter Piper Pizza and had dinner, then went home.

Saturday – what can we say about Saturday besides…nothing. We spent yesterday vegging the entire day. Nothing productive. I did get a lot of research and reading done.

And this brings me to today, 26th. I didn’t get to sleep until 2AM, so I slept in. Had some breakfast, caught up on my television shows, then went out to get some work done in the garage. I had intended to pull the remote key lock system from the Bertone, but ended up pulling the dash apart, including the instrument cluster, central vents and clock, center console cover, radio, glove box, driver door card, and some of the wiring for the central locks. I did get the door lock motor installed on the driver door and fixed the door card mounting. Previous clown mechanic/owner broke the door pull and didn’t know how to put the card back on properly. Oh, and I got the map pocket attached. The interior is starting to come together!

Oh well, that’s enough update for one evening.

Signing off.

Game Day!

So, today is Game Day! My youngest will have her first softball game this evening at 6pm – I’m scared and happy at the same time! I am so looking forward to it!

My car passed emissions yesterday with flying colors! All thanks to the hard work from Roy at Swedish Connection. Go check out that page for more information if you’re interested.

The twins will start their volleyball season this week as well. It’s official, the madness has begun!