So, I’ve been building stuff…

So, the VirtualBox server is still up and running. The RAID did fail again a couple of days later but this time, instead of just rebooting and rebuilding the RAID, I shut it down completely and let it sit for an entire day or two. This time I yanked the drives and re-seated them, then rebuilt the RAID. It’s been running since then but I’m not holding out hope. I’ve been copying files over to a couple of emergency NAS boxes I built out of FreeNAS and some 1TB drives. So far so good. I still want to build a proper NAS with a couple of good drives in a custom box with a mini-atx board.

Finished the mini work table for the sander – came out pretty nice, details and pictures to follow.

I’m working on a roll-away cart for my shop equipment, i.e., for my band saws, grinder, and sander. I want to be able to move my tools around as necessary and to free up some space in the corner of the garage/shop. I hope to have adjustable shelves and an external shelf I can use to mount the big band saw for work. Hope it comes out the way I envision it. 🙂

Sadly, the work on the wife’s old Kindle Fire was not successful – couldn’t get it to charge. Plan B is a replacement board.

Lastly – Arizona is the #1 seed in the West Region of the NCAA tournament this year! Game #1 is Friday, 11:10AM. Go Cats!


Cats stomped on the trees and win the PAC-12 Regular Season Championship! Their 12th outright Regular Season Championship! Now we need to carry the momentum to Oregon and OSU and into the tournament.

I’ve been busy in the shop this past week – I made a cart for my MIG welder. Finally, after about a decade!

I’ve started work on a mini ‘table’ for my old Duracraft belt/disc sander I got off Craigslist a couple of years ago. I didn’t think to ask the old guy I bought it off of if it had the table and now when I need it when I work on my molds there’s nothing there. Stay tuned!

I thought I’d fixed the pedal on the bike of my youngest but yeah, no. JB Weld doesn’t have the strength to keep a pedal from pulling out of the crank. I tried something I’ve never seen done – I pinned it. I put some more JB Kwik on the pedal shaft and let it set then I drilled down the crank from the end and then drifted a pin down through the pedal into the crank. So far, so good – it lasted the day today. Fingers crossed!

I’ve picked up some 10-32 allen head screws and some angle aluminum so I can start mounting the DRO on the X2 mini-mill. Details forthcoming.

Got the Kindle Fire repair kit from eBay, need to work on it so my youngest will get off my back. 😉

Valentines Day, 2014

Had a GREAT day, up until the Cats went and lost in double over-time to the scum devils 🙁

Had a good day at work, got to have a fantastic lunch with the wife :). That was the high-light of my day. I NEVER get to have lunch with the wife unless she’s on my side of town, since I don’t get to drive around anymore. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, my buddy Roy had gotten me a gift certificate for my birthday that we hadn’t had a chance to use and it worked out great!

Coming back from lunch the temp gauge on the car started to rise – troubleshooting it at different stops – it was the relay. Even though it says 40-amps on it, don’t believe a Checker/Oreilly/Autozone relay. Time to invest in a couple of good relays (one for standby) or get a PWM controller.

So I get back in the office and my wife tells me that one of my girls got ZERO Valentine cards from her classmates, while her twin did. She was devastated, I was heart-broken. I will do my best to bring up her spirits and let her know she’s loved.

Lastly – I scaled the images I’m going to use for what I have to start with for images for my firearms stuff, mainly my AMD-65 build pictures and a few of the CZ-52 pistol. I need to take new pictures of it after having repainted it with ceramic coating to silver and black.

Thanks enough for tonight, will add more this weekend I’m sure.