Weekly Update for 13-APR-2015

So, the softball team is playing as well as can be expected. They’re 0-2-1, and they’re very proud of their tie, to them it shows that they’re improving. I can’t fault them for their enthusiasm. 🙂

The twins are doing great in Volleyball. I’ve had a chance to see part of one of Sofia’s games and toomorrow I’ll try to see part of one of Isabel’s games. Problem is her team beats the opponent so quickly I can’t get to the games in time. Wish me luck.

I think I’ve fixed the leaky transmission in the ’91 240! What a bear of a problem that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!

Haven’t had a chance to do any reloading or machining for a while, we’ve been very busy with the girls. Hopefully towards the end of the school year!

So, what the heck have I been up to?

Wow! Over a year of no updates!

I’m still working at the same place – although that’s getting old and the subject of another post.

The kids are busy with school and now with sports. I don’t think we’ll have free time until then end of June.

I had the 262C running fine but something happened to the engine, it just wouldn’t start and stay running. I tried everything short of re-flashing the firmware on the MegaSquirt but it looks like I lost one or two cylinders. The wife and I started doing some thinking and after doing a cost-benefit we decided that the best solution at this time is to let the Bertone go. It helped that I got a bonus for some work I had done back in Deceber 2014 – it paid for the car.

I’m moving forward with metal work – welding/fabricating/casting – I think its fascinating. I’m also getting the reloading hobby off the ground as well.

More coming soon. I need a place to put eveything I’m up to, forgot that I had a web page! LOL.

Et tu, TTC magazine?

So, I’ve been looking for a source of magazines for my CZ-52 pistol. Back when I had more money and the magazines were more available I didn’t buy any more – just the one extra one I found one time at a gun show. Now that I’m trying to get properly equipped, they’re few and far between. And expensive.

On SARCO’s website I saw a TTC magazine that is 7.62×25 and supposed to be an 8 round magazine. The Russian/Eastern Bloc TT-33 uses a magazine that is very similar to the CZ. Unfortunately, it wasn’t similar enough. I’ll attach pictures of the TTC magazine vs the CZ magazine later to illustrate the difference. What to do?

I continued to do some research on magazines and it looks like I need Yugoslavian M57 9-round magazines. The reason these are a better candidates is that it appears that it is/was common for M57 owners to use CZ magazines as spare magazines with the minor modification of adding a cut for the magazine catch. That by itself answers the question of which one to try next. Good thing they’re cheap. 😉

I will have to get the magazine bottom plate, the extended ones that I have on the CZ magazines. Might try to make some if I can figure out where to get a cutter that can make the slots for the magazine bottom.