It begins anew…

So, I’ve started getting my Bertone road-worthy again. I started by ordering a replacement catalytic converter and getting a wide-band oxygen sensor from Oreilly’s (old Checker Auto). This past weekend I cleaned off the hood and the trunk (still can’t find my damn cordless screw driver). After I cleaned it off I popped the hood and pulled the battery out to charge it. A few hours on the charger and the battery was up to 12.42 volts and as of today (28-JAN) it’s holding at 12V. Good news. Now the bad news. Looks like the radiator is hosed, the thermostatic switch that screws in to the radiator is corroded and the retainer that screws in just came off in my hand. I’ll need to replace the camshaft, layshaft, and crank seals in front and the rear main seal. They won’t cost much, but will take a lot of time to fix. It’s worth it because the car is still pretty solid. What makes it worth it? When my kids get excited that ‘Daddy’s working on the car!’

The man who wants to be king…

Another week, another assault on the Constitution. Just another week in the life of a supposed Constitutional scholar. (We wouldn’t know since we’ve never seen his papers, due to them being locked up.)

As Rahm-bo “dead-fish” Emmanuel has said in the past – never let a tragedy go to waste. What’s happening now is a typical left-wing swing in to action and misdirected sentiment. Rather than focus on bringing the country back the administration put on a dog and pony show and throwing out some more executive orders while at the same time trying to encourage the Congress to once again attack 2nd Amendment.

We’ve gone over four years and still no budget. Record unemployment. Stagnant economy. No one respects the United States because of our feckless president. What drives this administration is ideology – a far left socialist ideology that is akin to the European socialist system. This administration wants to break down the citizenry, to make the people lose their belief in American exceptionalism. The further the American people move away from independence and self-reliance the closer they move to dependance on the government – which is exactly what this administration wants.

Happy New Year!

So we’ve reached the end of another year – and we’ve survived it.

Our kids are all happy and healthy and doing well in school. The twins are learning how to play a violin(Sofia) and my old sax (Isabel) – a painful and fun experience – Marisol is in choir. I feel sorry for my parents now, having to go through FIVE of these evolutions. 8)

My Volvo is in dry dock, it needs a catalytic converter and an O2 sensor because it doesn’t pass emissions. A little cash should get it going pretty quickly. Something always comes up that’s more important though – its a good thing we have the van.

Vicki is still working at AAA Landscape – 18 years so far. Same length of time as we’ve been married. That’s right, we’ve been married since 1994! And I’m still alive!

I’ve been with Integrated Axis now for another year – I’m the managed services administrator now. I’m tasked with making sure that the we’re able to monitor our customer’s servers and networks and that we receive notifications of any failures. It’s alot of work but it keeps me busy.

We celebrated Christmas and New Years at my Mom’s – it was nice. We stayed up until 5:00AM – it was crazy! I’m too old. There, I said it. We watched the ‘new’ “Spiderman” and “Loopers” – the more you drink the better some movies are – just sayin’.

I feel very disappointed with the way our country voted in the 2012 election – a slim majority voted for someone I feel is a very poor choice as leader of the free world. We somehow re-elected a socialist, re-distributor of wealth who is bound and determined to change our country from a nation of producers to a nation of takers. Now, with the recent shooting tragedies this man has expressed his intention to push for MORE gun control instead of addressing what many have identified the main issue – mental health. On top of that, he and his minions in the Senate are unable to submit a budget as required by law but somehow feel qualified to choke our economy with a trillion dollar monstrosity of an abortion called the ‘affordable healthcare act’. Extended unemployment benefits. Quantitative easing (printing more money). Need to make sure you are saving money and have your firearms and ammo squared away.